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GoodiePack is a software company based in Aalborg, Denmark. For my last project as a graphic designer student, I worked on a new Visual Identity and a new Web Design for the company.

GoodiePack - Web DesignGoodiePack - Web Design
GoodiePack's new landing page

After my project I was hired at GoodiePack with a student job as a graphic designer. During my time in the company, I worked with mockups, content for social media, the development and design of the website, design of roll ups, and much more.

GoodiePack - Phone DesignGoodiePack - Phone Design
Iphone MockUps

GoodiePack's software platform is user friendly and the content is 100% customizable, therefore it was important to show in the mockups how different the platform could look, depending on the colors, the images and the style of these.

GoodiePack's Business CardGoodiePack